What is Fake NLP?

There are two criteria for something to be Fake NLP:

  1. It is not NLP.
  2. It is sold under the name “NLP”.

Please note that if a NLP trainer makes an honest mistake that is of course fine. Everyone makes mistakes. Fake NLP differs from NLP because (a) it has nothing to do with NLP and (b) it is anathema to NLP.

Besides Fake NLP there is also bad NLP. Bad NLP is NLP, but just with major errors. Fake NLP runs counter to NLP. The campaign against Fake NLP is not against bad NLP. Of course, it is preferable to improve the quality of NLP training programmes. But that is a different issue than the campaign against Fake NLP.

98% of what is being sold as “NLP” is actually Fake NLP. This campaign takes issue with this 98% that sell something as NLP that in reality runs counter to NLP. This has nothing to do with the quality of the NLP training for the 2% that train NLP. The 2% consists of everyone, from the very best NLP trainers to the not so good NLP trainers. But at least the 2% all train NLP.

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